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One of my all-time favorite albums is Radiohead’s “OK Computer” and one of my favorite songs on it is the epic “Paranoid Android.” A few months back, Weezer posted a cover version on YouTube, and it was pretty good.

The other day, a friend of mine posted THIS version that he saw on YouTube, an edit of various instrumental covers (drum covers, guitar covers, vocal covers, etc.) and if you ask me it is far superior to the Weezer version.

Community is one of my favorite TV shows. It’s a consitently brilliant show, and it’s always hilarious. But one of the best things about the show is the fact that if you pay attention, you will be rewarded with multiple viewings. For instance, in one episode, you barely see one of the main characters involved in any of the action that’s happening in the a- or b-plot. But then, if you look in the background of many of the scenes, you see that he’s had his own storyline in that episode all along, that culminated with him delivering a baby in the back of any SUV. Then you have this: over three seasons, the writers have worked Beetlejuice references into the dialogue once per season. Then after the third mention of his name… I think you get it. Brilliant!

Sadly, NBC decided to shelve it for the mid season, without announcing any kind of return date. Here’s hoping they’ve seen the ire of the Internet community and will bring it back and renew it for at least one more season.

Hitler vs. Darth Vader. Napoleon Bonaparte vs. Napoleon Dynamite. Sarah Palin vs. Lady Gaga. They’re the feuds you never knew you wanted to see. Enter “Epic Rap Battles of History.” The second season starts next month. In the meantime, check out all the videos from the first season. You’ll be glad you did.


I remember when I was a kid in the 80’s, I’d spend a lot of my free time at the library. It’s how I got exposed to the Choose Your Own Adventure series, the Encyclopedia Brown series as well as Curious George. The only Curious George story that I still remember to this day, some 20-plus years later, is the one where George gets blasted off of ether fumes. I somehow doubt this will be adapted in the PBS series…

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